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Michelle Galyean

Michelle fills a variety of roles including wife, mom, teacher, pianist, pastor's wife, and business owner. She has always had a deep love for music which led her to major in music education while in college, but after meeting her husband-to-be (a fellow music educator), decided to switch majors to elementary education to have a higher chance of teaching in the same school system. Along came five kiddos, and with them, the opportunity to homeschool.

As an outlet for creative enjoyment, Michelle turned to a pleasure she often enjoyed as a child: photography. Remembering shooting with her 110 camera alongside her daddy with his 35 mm, she began letting her kids play with her digicam as well.  Fun times turned to pretty decent images, turned to mentoring with another local professional photographer, turned into "Hey! Let's give this photography thing a try!", turned into what is now known as Galyean's Gallery.

Photography is certainly a passion of Michelle's but when she isn't looking through her lens, she has been known to break out in dance with her sons in the kitchen, cut a mean groove on the keys during jam sessions, goof off with her best friend and husband, Barry,  and sit for prolonged periods of time in the quiet of her car sipping an Ethiopian espresso.

Katie Casamassa

Katie is Michelle's oldest daughter and remembers growing up with a camera in her hand and her Mom by her side (also with a camera in her hand). Katie was there at the beginning of Galyean's Gallery, shooting alongside of her Mom at age 12! Being homeschooled all the way through left open all the right opportunities to tag along with Michelle on shoots and learn from and with her. 


Recently, Katie graduated from North Greenville University with a bachelor's of arts in Mass Communication and a minor in Visual Design. While photography will always be her first love, graphic design also began to take hold of her interest in college and she now has her own graphics business where she designs anything from church bulletins to websites to wedding invitations.

After marrying her college sweet heart, Tyler, she moved and now runs the Columbia branch of Galyean's Gallery and also does most of the graphic designing. In her free time, Katie can usually be caught happily following Tyler around or having some fun with knitting needles, books of all kinds, and most any other crafty-type tool. She also happens to love her dog, Jasper, and her sapling of an avocado tree, affectionately known as Alfredo.

Barry Galyean

Barry, husband to Michelle and dad to the “Galyean Gang”, enjoys music of all sorts but is particularly fond of classic rock and praise& worship. He has a unique passion to serve others and this adds a distinguishing flair to the Gallery that sets us apart from other photographers. When Barry sees things that need to be done, no matter how big or how small, he sets his hand to the task before anyone has to ask and always with a smile on his face.

Barry has been encouraging Michelle and her passion from the beginning, and they are both beyond “keyed up” to finally have the opportunity to work alongside each other every day. On most days, you can find Barry (also affectionately known as the “Light Guy”) with a reflector in his hand, searching for just the right spot to cast a gorgeous natural glow on Gallery clients, using his financial prowess to direct business affairs, or coming up with a creative way to rig up props or DIY camera filters. Also an ordained minister, he has had the pleasure of marrying quite a few of our brides and grooms! When he is not catering to Gallery affairs, you locate him helping his two 13 year old sons with Logic class, eating a peanut butter sandwich (sometimes both simultaneously), or contentedly sitting outside on a clear night gazing up at the night sky and hoping to catch a glimpse of a shooting star.

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